Tuesday, November 12, 2013


First off, life is incredible! Heavenly father loves us so much and has a plan for use. The past few months, it has been insane to see how every little detail in the past has fallen into place for me to be right were I need to be. A mission, in my mind, has been something I have always had a desire to do! The gospel brings so much happiness into my life, and I cannot help want to share it!

"If ye have desires to serve God, you are called to the work" DC4

A year ago in General Conference, the Prophet announced that girls may serve at the age of 19. At that moment, I was doing a triathlon with my dad, but the with the flood of texts and and social media I knew quickly. I didn't think much of it, just felt like that was exactly what was suppose to happen, and that is was totally normal. Yet, it's was exciting to have the option to go right away, but I had always wanted to get a little college done before I left. As my senior year went on I put all my focus on track, all I wanted was to give it my all and hopefully find a school that I could run at. After the first invitational I found out I had a 3 1/2 inch stress fracture in my right leg and was in a boot for the rest of the season. Broken hearted, I accepted the fact that I would be going to ice cold windy Rexburg in the fall to attend BYU-I, and I continued on with graduation and summer.

During the summer a mission would come up a lot more often in my mind, I don't think my parents or family members ever said anything about it. Then on Sunday July 28th I made an appointed to meet with my bishop and start my papers. I felt that if I started them now, then while I was at college I could submit them or completely forget about them. I finished my papers and left, planing on returning my Birthday weekend to submit them.

BYU-I is the greatest place on the planet! The spirit was so strong, and instantly I just wanted to progress in my life faster, and I knew I wanted to submit my mission paper's as soon a possible! I took a mission prep class and every day I'd come out pumped and just wanting to leave that very moment. I met with my bishop who told me that we wanted to me to do everything from my BYU ward and transfer my papers. I did and the next week I had them submitted, on the 2nd of October, my call was mailed, on the 8th it was assigned and I received it at my apartment on the 10th. All so fast! I flew home on the 17th, my birthday weekend, when I originally wanted to submit them. That was the longest week of my life, and every hour got longer and longer!! I finally made it to the airport, only to have my flight delayed an hour and a half! I was literally dying with my unopened call!

When I finally got home around 10:20, I got my video chat set up, and opened my call, with amazing support form close friends and family.

I am called to serve for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Great California San Fernando Mission and report February 12, 2014! The whole night did not seem real, and I did not originally get a feeling of confirmation. After my dad told me that before I opened my call the family was at Universal Studios in L. A. and he saw all the people walking around being spiritually lost, and he could see me teaching the people of California. Then the next morning I woke up at 5 because I could not sleep, and I prayed for a confirmation that this was exactly where I was suppose to go, I then I read my call again and looked at the map and my mission president and his wife. The spirit was so strong in my room, and as I called my family on the east coast to tell them I could't stop crying! I felt this immense love for the people there and cannot wait to show them how much I love them!

The church is true, and our heavenly father wants us all to return to live with him. The Church has the fullness of the gospel and something so unique that everyone needs. I am a witness of Jesus Christ and the love he has for everyone and his ability to forgive. Forgetting myself and serving his children is the best way I could spend the next 18 month of my life!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Ever sense I can remember I have wanted to cheer. As my oldest sister Beth was a Toro cheerleader, and also my other sister Heidi. I have been experimented with, in stunts as a young child. As I have grown older and reached quite a height in my growth there is no way I can be a flyer, but I prefer to back, there's nothing better than having complete control of the stunt. I have been to countless completions, the most boring sporting event to watch possible (take that back nothing beats baseball). But I've always wanted to be there, on the track cheering for football, or basket ball, as my sisters did it, and they were what I wanted to be.

So when I was 13 I decided to actually try out this dream and put it into effect! I started taking tumbling lessons at Desert Devils, and 8 months later I tried out for their cheer team. I made team four, but was still a semi-failure, because I did NOT have my backhand spring, and as competition came we didn't have time to work on it. So as I had an awesome time at cheer, met the most amazing people, and learned so much the past year Desert Devils, I still wanted to be that Toro Cheerleader! That’s all I EVER wanted! So as tryouts getting closer I decided to be determined to through away my mental block and get my back handspring. So after many private lessons with my AMAZING coach Clint! And many backyard lessons with my sister Beth, I DID IT! I was soo happy, and I was ready for tryouts.

I went the first day realized everyone hand a round off back-handspring serious with a tuck, lay-out, or full to finish it off. I went home and cried in the arms of Heidi, and continued going to the clinics and when tryouts came I removed all my fears and performed everything to the best of my abilities, and more! So when the numbers were posted, I didn't even want to discover mine wouldn't be there, but I went anyways.... and it was! I wouldn't believe it! It blew me away, and when I came home my sister Beth had gotten me flowers and candy! She’s the best and it made the day even better!

So as my dream has come true, I have practice at 5 in the morn 3 days a week! Which I'm ready for it! I would expect no less because I want this to mean more to me and REALLY TRULY LOVE IT!

Monday, March 29, 2010


My, Oh My! i don't think could fit anything else in my schedule. I've been so overwhelmed i just want to stay home and be sick, but i can't other wise I'd miss out so many things and then I'd be even more stressed out! with cheer, violin, piano, track, school, homework (two totally different categories) and church, although I've never seen church as taking up my time, but when i look at my schedule it kinda only takes up hours. everyday i have something or a few things that consumes more than an hour of my time, and then 1+1/2 to 2+1/2 hours of homework, plus the days that I have projects and tests. So I have decided my schedule is over booked, and as other things have occurred I've had to miss way to much track and now I'm looking in the future I'm going to miss even more practices and meets. I feel terrible for committing to something now that i have to quit, but i committed to cheer a long time ago, and i want, and need music in my future, and my future cannot go anywhere without school. If i truly loved track I would fit it in my schedule, but i obviously am not in love with it, because I am not going to over book myself, it's unhealthy, and my cheer skills and focus in all other aspects of my life have been unfocused and unable to progress. So now I committed a dodgey crime, but honestly the track team is not what i wan and enjoy. So hopefully I will be able to focus and excel in my life, even if it's not my 100 meter time.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Where to begin, it’s been almost a year from the lost post, and I’m sorry, but school… I’ve never been so crazy in my life. So I’ll try to recap. In May I started cheering at desert Devils. OH HOW I LOVE CHEER! I do not believe in pom poms. I am a completive cheer leader. Then school was over and summer hit! Oh how I love the summer in Az, When you walk outside and you’re instantly warm and hot and the sun just feel so good, and right. My summer started out with the best concert of my life!!! Fun.!! I have it written somewhere, maybe on the One year anniversary. (Haha) then I left for Stake youth conference, then EFY, Family reunion, D.C., California, Girls Camp, then Sedona. Working at my parent’s office, whenever I was in town, cheer, every single day, and every single opportunity. And then school started… High school grades, honors classes, and still at the academy, going to school with 5th graders. May I say I LOVE IT! I love the Uniforms, the teachers that give a CRAP LOAD of homework, the one that will talk about television shows during class, the one that puts reality into math, the one that inspires me every day with music, the ones who understand I’m young and have a life to live, and take that into consideration when helping me plan my future, and all them for loving me and caring for me, I am forever in debt.

This past year has been so crazy! With absolutely no more free time at home, somehow, every so often I add something new. I feel as if me family has become one where we’re always doing something, with supportive parents and family members, from watching my father ride his bike, my mother’s quilting conventions and classes, Jayton’s baseball and basket ball games, and my cheer competitions, and orchestra concerts. Yet I love them all and I’m never willing to give them up. I’m sick of writing at the moment and this is terrible but I hope this is a recap of this year. Although so much has happened when I am in the mood I shall write more.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Allison Paige Oberfield

A week before Spring break in 2006 my life changed forever. Being the loser I was.. I was watching fantastic four with my little brother Jayton on out brand new mini DVD player! We thought it was sooo cool to watch a movie on a tiny screen in front of the year old TV. (shows how spoiled our generation is) anyways... as I was watching the movie I hear Karia Lewis come downstairs and ask for our blockbuster movies so she could return them and get new ones to watch with Emily as there babysitting. With Koria was the girl she didn’t know why Emily was watching her because she was my same age. She was laughing at the ridiculous Size of the screen and I quickly left to block buster with them. (anything to get out of the house on a Friday night) we watched Just Like Heaven, at the Dellers and quickly became best friends. That summer we became very close. I found they're was fun activities you could do outside of your house. I never had a close Friend cause I was always in a focus school with friends that lived 30 minutes away. So I was soo glad to have a close friend. And it was even better to have a new friend at church. Her mom and step dad started coming to church and brought Meghan, Allie, and Logan. Allie soon was a part of my family and always calls my mom "mom" and dad "dad". The next year Tim and Christine Green got baptized. Something always talked about and would bring tears to many eyes. Allie was her older sister Meghan, with their rapidly growing testimonies, desperately wanted to get baptized, but didn't have permission from their loving dad. In March 2008 the Salt River Ward, my ward, fasted that they would soon receive permission to join the church. In my first full 24 hour fast, I was not hungry, because I desperately wanted this for them, and the lord was with me the entire time. My family and I were uplifted the hole day and the next day,(Monday) I received a text message telling me her father approved. On the day of her baptism I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and people could barely understand what I was saying threw my tears. When we went into the baptism room I gave her the biggest hug because I was so happy for her!

I love you Allie and I’m so grateful your my best friend

(I began writing this so it would be done on her 1 year birthday and our 2 year Reunion, but not everything is plan well. )

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey Hey I'm Hannah Brown, i was born and almost raised in Mesa AZ(I'm still growing!)  i love it here and never want to move.  i am 14 years of age(surfs up! Heid) in the eight grade, currently attend Mesa Academy and soooo eXtremal lucky to attend my school and not have to deal with the typical Jr. high temptation, and tension. i love my church and ward family, i don't think i could get there my hard times with out them. i have an awesome Bishop! Bishop walker, have never had to talk to him,Luckily, (wait except to interview for my partiarical (idk how to spell it) blessing and tithing haha). one person in my ward i will always remember and love for ever is Sister Kathy Penrod! She was my young women's leader over a year ago and i loved it when she would teach the lesson cause she's such a great mom and someone i would like to be like when i grow up! LOL (Lots Of Love).

I'd Die With Out Them

My FaMilY is the MOST important thing to me, i Trust them with anything. Not A dAy goeS by i don't THink about them, cause it would be eXtreamly hard to ignore the out ragusly funnY, sWeaT and sPritual Actions i WatcH them Preform Every daY. To Start oFf i have my DAD, Charlie Brown, without the influence of my dad i would not have as stong as a testimony as i do today. my dad is Amazing, and hilarious, he is content withhimself and i don't think he has ever been embarrassed by anything. His failth in church is soo strong and by the outragously early scripture study, listening to cHurcH music on Saturday, and Powerful words and blessings, i am a better person, and probably won't find a husband like him that treats my mom he treats her. My mom is also aMaZing, she has a very Strong testimony of missionary work and lately also family history. with her constantly out in her sewing room, it's nice to go out there and leave the world behind and talk to her. she is an awesome mom and idk how she raised all wIgHt kids, especially Chipie. Chip is my oldest brother, he is soo smart and the biggest punk i have ever encountered, he lives in Virginia with his wife and son. Stephanie is his wife and she is From utah and is a great ball rooms dancer. she is a great mother to my little nephew Ca$h. Ca$h was my first nephew who is 5 months old. i got to meat him for the first time Over ChiRstmaS!! he is soo cute with his cricked head. i love him soo much and can NOT wait to see him and is family again. Bath is Married to Jordan Jobe and just had her first BAby ADELLA MARIE!! Bath has always been my sister i feel the most grown up around and she has always spoiled me! i LovE her And always have fun With Her. Jordan has the biggest muscles i have ever seen!!!!! and it look soo silly and sweat when her hold Little Della and shows that the biggest men have a soft spot! and Little Adells is sooo precious! I lovE Her and Can't wait to take her shopping when i'M olDer and spoil her like her mom spoiled me! Nest is mY brOther and his wife Anne!! Paul, like chip, is a punk, (don't worry CHIP you still MeAner!! : ) ) and his wife an is soo nice and fun to talk to, they are going to have thier first baby at the end of this month! i can't wait! The live in Southern CaLifornia so Hopefully a beach trip in February! Becky is the fourth in my family (and i'm only half way done!!) she is soo funny, and you don't realize how funny she is until you truly know her! then There is Emily. Emily would always the sister you couldn't communicate with, but the last year when she lived her we became soooo close. with our Thursday shopping habits and midnight twilight purchases, we built an unbreakable bond. Heidi is 19 and my closest sis in age. i always felt left out when her and em hung out and left me out but in the last year she lived at home, we also become close, we always had to share a room, and i hated it, but we bonded with out knowing it and i miss her living at home. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Jayton is my little bro. he is soo cute and super spoiled!! i love him though i love watching my reality TV shows with him and having him make fun of the drama! i love going to school with him everyday and bugging the crud out of him. i love My FAmily. If i were to ask who you most favorite people are you probably wouldn't be able to go into depth of 8 people and there spouses, and have as deep as a relationship with each of them as i do! i love them and truly would not be the person i am today without them.