Tuesday, November 12, 2013


First off, life is incredible! Heavenly father loves us so much and has a plan for use. The past few months, it has been insane to see how every little detail in the past has fallen into place for me to be right were I need to be. A mission, in my mind, has been something I have always had a desire to do! The gospel brings so much happiness into my life, and I cannot help want to share it!

"If ye have desires to serve God, you are called to the work" DC4

A year ago in General Conference, the Prophet announced that girls may serve at the age of 19. At that moment, I was doing a triathlon with my dad, but the with the flood of texts and and social media I knew quickly. I didn't think much of it, just felt like that was exactly what was suppose to happen, and that is was totally normal. Yet, it's was exciting to have the option to go right away, but I had always wanted to get a little college done before I left. As my senior year went on I put all my focus on track, all I wanted was to give it my all and hopefully find a school that I could run at. After the first invitational I found out I had a 3 1/2 inch stress fracture in my right leg and was in a boot for the rest of the season. Broken hearted, I accepted the fact that I would be going to ice cold windy Rexburg in the fall to attend BYU-I, and I continued on with graduation and summer.

During the summer a mission would come up a lot more often in my mind, I don't think my parents or family members ever said anything about it. Then on Sunday July 28th I made an appointed to meet with my bishop and start my papers. I felt that if I started them now, then while I was at college I could submit them or completely forget about them. I finished my papers and left, planing on returning my Birthday weekend to submit them.

BYU-I is the greatest place on the planet! The spirit was so strong, and instantly I just wanted to progress in my life faster, and I knew I wanted to submit my mission paper's as soon a possible! I took a mission prep class and every day I'd come out pumped and just wanting to leave that very moment. I met with my bishop who told me that we wanted to me to do everything from my BYU ward and transfer my papers. I did and the next week I had them submitted, on the 2nd of October, my call was mailed, on the 8th it was assigned and I received it at my apartment on the 10th. All so fast! I flew home on the 17th, my birthday weekend, when I originally wanted to submit them. That was the longest week of my life, and every hour got longer and longer!! I finally made it to the airport, only to have my flight delayed an hour and a half! I was literally dying with my unopened call!

When I finally got home around 10:20, I got my video chat set up, and opened my call, with amazing support form close friends and family.

I am called to serve for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Great California San Fernando Mission and report February 12, 2014! The whole night did not seem real, and I did not originally get a feeling of confirmation. After my dad told me that before I opened my call the family was at Universal Studios in L. A. and he saw all the people walking around being spiritually lost, and he could see me teaching the people of California. Then the next morning I woke up at 5 because I could not sleep, and I prayed for a confirmation that this was exactly where I was suppose to go, I then I read my call again and looked at the map and my mission president and his wife. The spirit was so strong in my room, and as I called my family on the east coast to tell them I could't stop crying! I felt this immense love for the people there and cannot wait to show them how much I love them!

The church is true, and our heavenly father wants us all to return to live with him. The Church has the fullness of the gospel and something so unique that everyone needs. I am a witness of Jesus Christ and the love he has for everyone and his ability to forgive. Forgetting myself and serving his children is the best way I could spend the next 18 month of my life!

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